Monday, 15 November 2021


The day when she was born
With whole gush and boom sound
To make a mark in this world with energy abound...

Was there someone to listen to her cry?
As she was born a girl child
Born in a family where boy was in demand

The house was silent with no charm
Like a small paddy field had just withered out
No merry, no dance, no fun around..

Who knew Lakshmi is born in home
Descended to make the house alive
With tinkling and giggling sound..

Who knew, she is a river
Who flow and purify the house
With her small feet and tapping sound...

Who knew, she is a mountain
Which stand tall and strong
For the family when situation demands

Who knew , she is a wishtree
Who knows their wish and
Fulfills them with no command

Who knew she is a born light
To show the world what is right
And make the world heaven's delight !!


The two extremes have the same results

When you laugh a lot you shed tears
When you cry you too shed tears

When you love less, you are detached
When you love to extreme, you love without attachment

When there are no colours , then its white
When all colours mix then also white

When less light, you have darkness around
When too much light, it resonates the same darkness

When we are born we are a soul
When we die, we depart as a soul..

The two extremes are the two ends of a circle, 
Which meet and continue the cycle.

Saturday, 14 August 2021

I wish : Mother India

I wish to be a mother

Who hold her kids 

In chords of unity

Who protect her kids

From eyes of enemy...

I wish to be a mother

To have cheerful kids

Who play and enjoy

In my lap, without cry

Who doesn't fight

For their own worth..

I wish to be a mother

Whose kids have no difference

Between rich and poor

Between caste and creed

Between race and ethnicity..

I wish to be a mother

Whose kids are healthy

With what they yield

No coƕruption, no theft

All kids are like family...

Hope I will one day

See my wishes fulfilled

Hope to have the glorious days

Of all happiness and peace...

Sunday, 25 July 2021

Walk Alone !!

Walk alone 

In the crowd of machines...

Who are in rush of greed

And they don't heed the soul need...

Walk alone

As the people whom you believe

Are the one's who never

Understand your need ...

Walk alone..

As you are the master 

Of your destiny and 

You know the path you tread...

Walk alone...

With unfathomable belief

That you can achieve the goal

And all desires unaccomplished...

Walk alone...

As,if your path is correct..

Every ounce of your effort

Will make you succeed..

Walk alone..

As you are brought alone

In this world by God..

To accomplish his mission unachieved....

Friday, 23 July 2021

Twin Love

Twin Flame

Are Intertwined together

Connected through a chord

As Thick as a rope

As thin as a String !!

When the heart beats

In the other it repeats

Every frequency change

Are recorded the other end..

The time and distance 

Doesn't matter

As we are the light of cosmos

Which always flicker !!

We feel its Love

But we never know...

Its just a bond so spiritual

Which inward grow..

What the world has to tell...

The untold story unexplained

We are happy with continuous

Chatter in the soul within!!

Love & Peace !!

Smile :)

Smile with your choice

Smile when you are wise

Smile while you disguise

Smile with passing thoughts 

Smile when you meet one

Smile when you think of one

Smile when you are just coy

Smile when you just wink to say bye

Smile can turn you up

Smile can turn you down

Smile is a facial signature

With thousand words

Train your smile

To be just soulful divine SMILE

Enough to make someone's SMILE

With your million Dollar Smile !!


Rebirth are like costumes

Black and White

Grey and light

Dull and bright

Each birth has special delight

Learn to Love

Unlearn and fight

Learn again to make all right !!

It goes on and on

Till we become perfect 

And learn the lesson

And set all right !!